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At Aqua Test Kits we believe you, your customers and Engineers deserve test kits that work for you and your specific needs. This is why we are constantly innovating new ideas to make the use of our test kits easier, safer and more economical, both when purchasing and when shipping. We have incorporated pull down work surfaces, lighting and easy to use sample bottle stands to make using them easier while out in the field. Our kits are lighter and more compact, yet still hold all the necessary equipment and reagents required to perform tests. Using our own developed safer reagents, with reduced hazard classifications, means less hazards for end users and test kits that can be transported without the need for extra paperwork. 


We design our test kits with the user in mind.

We are also able to formulate specific tests for our customers products. Our technical director, Phillip Walker, has done so for some of the leading companies in the Water treatment and Industrial hygiene sector such as Nalco, GE Water Technologies, Holchem, Klenzan, Diversey Lever to name a few.

If you are in need of any technical advice or wish to discuss any requirements with us and our technical team please feel free to contact us.


Water Analysis Test Kits and Reagents

company logo 2018.jpg
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