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Standard Incubator

(holds up to 30 Dipslides)

Standard Incubator pic
open standard incubator pic

There are two types of incubator available for purchase, the first is our Standard Incubator, which holds up to 30 dipslides and comes complete with a dipslide plate. A plate to hold 100ml containers to conduct E Coli and Total Coliform tests can be purchased. The second is the Mini Incubator, it holds up 11 dipslides which also comes complete with a plate, again a plate to hold 100ml containers can be purchased.

Both these incubators incorporate a viewing panel allow the user accurate temperature readings with an accuracy of 0.1c and a range covering 30c-40c. Both are mains powered as standard but a 12V portable inverter can be purchased.

Mini Incubator

(holds up to 11 Dipslides)

Mini Incubator closed_burned.jpg
Mini Incubator open top_burned.jpg

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