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Liquid Reagent List 

(A list of our most popular reagents. Please contact us if you require any reagent not listed)

*2019 Price list

Reduced Risk Reagents

As well as producing less hazardous reagents, the number of reagents required in multi-parameter test kits and individual tests have been reduced.


This means more of our test parameters can be fitted into smaller cases, reducing the end cost and weight.

The following table lists the replacement reagents along side the competitor’s reagents to shown our safer alternatives:

Of the 100+ reagents used in industrial water treatment analysis less than 5% are regulated under current legislation.

Bespoke Reagents

We are also able to formulate specific tests for our customers products. Our technical director, Phillip Walker, has done so for some of the leading companies in the Water treatment and Industrial hygiene sector such as Nalco, GE Water Technologies, Holchem, Klenzan, Diversey Lever to name but a few.

If you would like to discuss any requirements you may have we are always here to advise and innovate. We are always here for any technical support you may require.

Water Analysis Test Kits and Reagents

company logo 2018.jpg