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Test Tube

With tube tests the single reagent required for the test (15ml dropper bottle or tablet vial) is housed in the graduated test vial.

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Available Test

Please note the Stop/Go Hardness test uses 1 drop to 10ml of softened water. A green colour indicates soft water, a red colour indicates hard water (greater than 5ppm). The 15ml bottle will perform around 350 tests at £3.50 compared to over £10.00 per bottle of 250 Yes/No tablets

Example of test kit

Pocket Test Kits

Pocket test kits consist of a 30ml bottle of titrant and a 15ml bottle of indicator/buffer or 15gm powder reagent, one of the latter two items is housed in the 30ml graduated test vial in which the test is performed. In some cases, only the 30ml titrant is required.

The test kit is housed in a translucent box with a lift of lid or a silver grey hinged case with blue catches (similar to the “economy case” used in the standard test kits) at an extra cost of £1.50.

The following standard pocket kits are available (see PDF below). Customised pocket kits for own products and ranges based on the parameters listed or developed with new chemistries, can be provided.

Single Parameter Test Kits

MultiParameter Test Packs

Replacement Reagents for kits or for use in engineers test kit building.

Drop Test, Comparator and Photometer Modules - For Engineers Test Kits

A Test module includes all necessary reagents for the test and test method.

The table below shows the most commonly used test parameters but other are available on request. if needed we are able to develop tests for a particular product, test range or the chemical parameter involved.

The standard pack sizes and prices shown are for 65ml/25gm reagent modules, if 30ml/10gm reagent modules are required costs will be reduced. 

If you require multiple test modules and a reagent is duplicated then, unless otherwise requested, only one will be supplied and again the cost will be reduced.

Water Analysis Test Kits and Reagents

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